Is there a better way to make users in Riak CS?

Hector Castro hector at
Tue Jan 28 17:29:43 EST 2014

Hey David,

There are two approaches that I'm aware of:

1. With Chef, we've automated the steps required to create an
administrative user [0]
2. Use this [1] escript to write a user record to Riak CS with a
specific user account

We are definitely working to make the process of creating
administrative users smoother in the future.



On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 4:59 PM, David Stevenson
<stevend at> wrote:
> It seems like the only way to make the initial admin user in RiakCS is to
> start it up in this "anonymous user creation" mode, create a user, pull the
> credentials out of the response, and then restart it in secure mode.  This
> is a problem for us, because we are using BOSH to deploy RiakCS and
> something that actually uses it (and therefore must know the credentials of
> the admin user) at once.
> Does anyone have a way to pre-seed an admin user with a pre-determined
> access & secret key?  That way all the processes in the system can know in
> advance what the eventual admin user creds will be.  Any other ideas?  Could
> basho make it possible to pre-seed an admin user with custom credentials in
> advance or is that very difficult?
> Thanks guys!
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