Copying counters from cluster A to B using Java client.

Guido Medina guido.medina at
Wed Jan 29 06:27:05 EST 2014


We are using Riak Java client 1.4.x and we want to copy all counters 
from cluster A to cluster B (all counters will be stored on a single to 
very few buckets), if I list the keys using special 2i bucket index and 
then treat each key as IRiakObject, will that be enough to copy 
counters, or will counter siblings stop me from doing that? Since at 
Riak Java client CounterObject is not an IRiakObject, it is instead an 

Comments at a working method:

*Source bucket:* Bucket from Riak client pointing to source cluster.
*Dest bucket:* Bucket from Riak client pointing to dest bucket.

   protected void copyOneItem(final Bucket sourceBucket, final Bucket 
destBucket, final String key) throws RiakRetryFailedException
     final IRiakObject riakObject=sourceBucket.fetch(key).execute();


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