SSL Configuration for Riak-CS

Igor Birman igor_birman at
Wed Jul 2 16:10:50 EDT 2014


I am struggling getting SSL working with Riak-CS.  I can add SSL settings to the config, but s3cmd does not let me connect using a proxy.  If I turn off the proxy configuration and add to my hosts file, it tries to access Riak-CS over port 443.  I tried connecting using S3 Browser with a proxy, but I get some interesting errors in Riak-CS:

15:59:11.071 [error] CRASH REPORT Process <0.9237.0> with 0 neighbours crashed with reason: no function clause matching mochiweb:new_request({#Port<0.3360>,{"CONNECT",{scheme,"","443"},{1,1}},[{'Proxy-Connection',"Keep-A..."},...]}) line 51

I have Riak-CS running on port 8080, so I am not sure where the 443 is coming from.

Has anyone gotten Riak-CS to work with SSL?

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