Cluster rebalancing

Chaim Solomon chaim at
Thu Jul 3 02:45:46 EDT 2014


I'm running a 2.0.0b cluster (small) and have been running out of space on
one node.
I had expected that adding a node would lead to freeing up of space on
other nodes - but it's not working too fast.

I would suggest to add to RIAK a way to have the distribution algorithm
take free space into consideration and to move data to empty nodes fast.
Another issue is that adding the node moved most nodes from 25% to 18.8% -
but one stayed on 25% in the planner.

And I would also suggest adding some way to force a rebalancing of the
cluster to force nodes to take up more load if they don't have enough or
hand off load to others.

Chaim Solomon
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