Riak Advanced Search - skip schema property not working

Mark Richard Thomas mark.thomas at equifax.com
Fri Jul 4 06:55:42 EDT 2014


I'm using Riak 1.4.9 Advanced Search. I have a simple schema for indexing some companies:

        schema, [
                {version, 1.1},
                {n_val, 3},
                %% Defaults to noop_analyzer_factory, string
                {analyzer_factory, {erlang, text_analyzers, noop_analyzer_factory}} ],
                {field, [ {name, id} ]},
                {field, [ {name, company} ]},
                {field, [ {name, name}, {analyzer_factory, {erlang, text_analyzers, standard_analyzer_factory}} ]},
                {field, [ {name, kpostcode} ]},
                {dynamic_field, [ {name, "*"}, {skip, true} ]}

An example of an update:

    <field name='id'>515363fa-cc06-46c7-a43a-a725f7988e2b</field>
    <field name='company'>99999999</field>
    <field name='name'>MY TEST COMPANY </field>
    <field name='line_one'>MY TEST L1</field>
    <field name='line_two'> MY TEST L2</field>
    <field name='town'>SOMETOWN</field>
    <field name='postcode'>WC1D 6DD</field>


    <str name="id">515363fa-cc06-46c7-a43a-a725f7988e2b</str>
    <str name="company">99999999</str>
    <str name="name">MY TEST COMPANY</str>

The address fields are missing in the response? I thought that these fields were stored but not indexed?

{dynamic_field, [ {name, "*"}, {skip, true} ]}


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