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I'm sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but .. well, I'm basically asking
the same question as Alexander - will there be a way of link walking in
future Riaks?

We're currently looking into ways of moving some of our data from Oracle
into any nosql database. Vast majority of data will be structured into 4
tier ... structure - level 1 contains multiple level 2 elements, level 2
contains multiple level 3 elements. etc. The objects will not be big, so
we're fine with storing them as a single document keyed by level-1 object's
id - data would be used primarily for web lookup/display.

However, there's also a different group of documents that logically
references objects from the hierarchical data, at any level - it's
basically a grouping of a subset of above elements. Usually a group should
contain around 20-100 elements, 500 being very, very rare case.

Since an element can be in multiple groups at the same time denormalization
seemed to expensive. Link walking seemed a like a good idea - a single
query would return all the required data.
Alternatively, we were thinking about having a separate data store,
possibly in memory one, and then using a multi-get (python client seem to
be support it., but
we're not sure about performance penalty.

Any suggestions will be welcomed, we're not bound to any technology atm,
Riak is just a possible option.


On 13 May 2014 13:26, Alexander Grytsenko <alexander.grytsenko at>

> BTW - i'm using python riak-python-client (v2.0.3) and it allows you to
> use link walking and chaining but returns back a bucket/key/tag tuple that
> allows to fetch a needed object via the secondary request.
> Will this also be deprecated?
> On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 3:19 PM, Alexander Grytsenko <
> alexander.grytsenko at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm a bit confused of this deprecation notice that is on the official
>> docs.basho page that is related to a link walking explanation. See here:
>> Basically, It says that starting from v2.0 the Link Walking feature is
>> marked as deprecated and it is going to be removed.
>> As I understand link walking allows you to "fetch a related object" by an
>> url like:
>> curl -v,friend,1
>> >...
>> < {'name': 'dave'}  # another object with a key=dave who appears to be a friend of tim
>> Clearly this functionality will be removed.
>> But does it mean the 'Links' (as key's metadata) will also be deprecated
>> and removed?
>> Or will I be able to store the Links into object's medatada in v2.0 or
>> 3.0 or whatever..?
>> Or is it going to be possible to travel over links via map/reduce in the
>> future versions?
>> Should I think now about storing additional info somewhere inside my
>> object to keep simple relations in the future?
>> (and convert all my current links to object's inner data)
>> Or the deprecation warning above is related only to "Link Walking" (on
>> the server side with getting the object back), but not to the "Links"
>> itself?
>> Thanks for keeping this thread,
>> alex
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