[ANN] Kria 0.1.14, an async Clojure Client for Riak 2.0.0.rc1

David James davidcjames at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 14:31:39 EDT 2014

The latest version of Kria, 0.1.14, supports Riak 2.0.0rc1. Kria (a right
rotation of "Riak") is an open source asynchronous Clojure driver for Riak
2.0 built on top of Java 7's NIO.2. It uses the Riak protocol buffer


There are, of course, several Riak drivers for Java and Clojure. I hope
some people find this one useful. I have a section in the README about why
I made it. To summarize, I wanted async support, and the Java driver wasn't
quite what I wanted.

Please kick the tires.

In my work projects, Clojure's core.async works great as a layer on top of
Kria. Just create a core.async channel in advance and have the callback put
the desired return value in the core.async channel. (You could also use
Clojure atoms or promises; Kria doesn't care.)

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