Riak and Spring

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Hi Simon, 

Short answer as you may already suspect there isn’t any spring projects.  My guess is that spring-data-riak is empty because Spring is hoping someone from the community drives the development of that project or just to gauge the need for the project.  The good guys of Basho provide a nice client, at least for 1.4.x with pretty good documentation.  When it comes to 2.x I have not gotten much help from the mailing list.  Partly because there are only 3 developers on the Java client which makes sense for them not to spend time answering questions.   My other experience is that I have not yet seen any question about riak java client on the mailing list, other than the one(s) I have asked.  Basho and community developers are very responsive on IRC but then again Basho Java developers do not hang on the channel.  You are always welcome to shoot some questions and I will do my best to answer them.  Hope this helps.  

yoandy terradas

On July 30, 2014 at 7:37:49 AM, Simon Hartley (simon.hartley at williamhill.com) wrote:



I’m looking at using a Riak backend in a new component.


My current client is a Spring shop. I’m not all that knowledgable about the intricaies of Spring , so this question many not make sense, but I am hoping to integrate Riak in a Spring friendly way.


I was looking at the spring-projects/spring-data-keyvalue project, but that’s been deprecated in favour of spring-projects/spring-data-riak which is empty.


Does anyone know of a Spring-Riak integration project that is high quality and currently active -  preferably with excellent documentation and examples ;)





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