{read_block_error,<<"0">>} with level_db

Bryan bryan at go-factory.net
Wed Jul 30 12:19:35 EDT 2014

We are diagnosing a weird intermittent problem where we are getting an {error, disconnected} exception from the riak erlang client. There is not a lot of information generated on our side, other than we trying to do a request on a connection and get this error. We have our own connection pooling mechanism with 10 connections available to each node in the cluster.

When I do a vnode_status on one of the suspect nodes, I get a dozen of the following type of output. They all have the {read_block_error,<<“0”>>} tuple:

VNode: 45671926166590716193865151022383844364247891968
Backend: riak_kv_eleveldb_backend
[{stats,<<"                               Compactions\nLevel  Files Size(MB) Time(sec) Read(MB) Write(MB)\n--------------------------------------------------\n  0        3        0         0        0         0\n">>},

So my question is pretty simple and just looking for clarification. How should this be read? 1) that there are 0 read_block_errors? Or 2)  that the read_block_error code is  <<“0”>>. 



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