Recommended riak configuration options for better performance

Naveen Tamanam naveen32india at
Wed Jun 4 07:58:53 EDT 2014

Hi Guys,

I have 5 nodes riak cluster in  use. Each machine is having 16GB ram.  All
those 5 machines are
​dedicated for riak only. No other application is there to eat resources. ​
​I use to do a lot of work with
map reduce queries. Having a may map reduce queries with both map and
reduce phases.
I have many cases with the  the following error and log messages, ​

                         RiakError: 'could not get a response'
                         All VMs are busy

I know  above errors can be avoided with fine tuned riak configuration
options. I am looking for recommended values
Here  are  few riak configuration options currently I have on each node,

              { kernel, [
            {inet_dist_listen_min, 6000},
            {inet_dist_listen_max, 7999}

               {map_js_vm_count, 48 },
               {reduce_js_vm_count, 26 },
               {hook_js_vm_count, 12 },
                {js_max_vm_mem, 32},
                 {js_thread_stack, 16}


Thanks & Regards,
Naveen Tamanam
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