Understanding an intermittent mapreduce error

Toby Corkindale toby at dryft.net
Mon Jun 16 04:31:40 EDT 2014

I'm trying to understand why I'm getting an intermittent error on a
particular map-reduce call to Riak 1.4.9.
The query isn't particularly complicated, and filters mean it should
only be running over ~100 keys, and returning <10 each time, so I
don't think I should be hitting any stack or memory limits in the JS

It fails frequently, but not every time. When pointing it at just a
single Riak server for debugging purposes, it fails around 30% of the
The error returned is as follows:

   "input" : null,
   "stack" : null,
   "phase" : 1,
   "error" : "{undef,[{riak_kv_mapred_json,jsonify_not_found,[{struct,[{<<\"email\">>,<<\"user at example.com\">>},{<<\"attributes\">>,[<<\"someattributes\">>,<<\"somemoreattributes\">>,<<\"w...\">>,...]},...]}],...},...]}",
   "type" : null

There are no errors in the Riak server logs.


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