leveldb Hot Threads in 1.4.9?

Matthew Von-Maszewski matthewv at basho.com
Sun Jun 22 23:00:53 EDT 2014

Hot threads is included with 1.4.9.   The leveldb source file leveldb/util//hot_threads.cc is the key file.

The code helps throughput, but is not magical. "unresponsive for hours" is not a known problem in the 1.4.x code base.  Would you mind posting an aggregate LOG file from a period when this happens?

    sort /var/lib/riak/*/LOG >combined_log

Substitute your actual data path for /var/lib/riak.

Matthew Von-Maszewski

On Jun 22, 2014, at 22:07, Tom Lanyon <tom+riak at oneshoeco.com> wrote:

> Could someone please confirm whether 1.4.9 includes "Hot Threads" in leveldb? 
> The release notes have a link to it, but I couldn't find my way through the rebar & git maze to be absolutely sure it is in 1.4.9 but not 1.4.8.
> We're seeing nodes unresponsive for hours during large compactions and wondered if this leveldb improvement would help.
> Thanks,
> Tom
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