1.4.8, memory_backend max_memory not honored?

Allen Landsidel landsidel.allen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 11:59:49 EDT 2014

Test cluster with 2 machines running 1.4.8 with the memory backend. 
app_config has ring_creation_size 64, max_memory 4.  If I understand the 
documentation correctly this should result in a maximum memory footprint 
(minus overhead) of 256M.  Each node has 2G RAM, 2G of swap.  After 
running for a while constantly adding data, without ever explicitly 
removing any, the memory footprint outstrips physical ram and will 
eventually consume all available swap space and be killed.

Is this a known issue in 1.4.8 that's fixed in 1.4.9, or is there other 
configuration settings that need adjusted to reduce the footprint?

Initially I had set it up to top out at 1GB but when it started 
exhausting swap, I progressively reduced max_memory until I arrived 
where I am now, with no difference at all.

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