Timeout when accessing a key in a strongly consistent bucket

zsolt.laky at lamardan.com zsolt.laky at lamardan.com
Thu Jun 26 17:07:55 EDT 2014

Hello There,


I installed 2.0.0pre5 on OSX and I experience timeout situation. Here are
the commands I run and I attached the config file.


It seems RIAK is aware of the strongly_consistent bucket type but I am not
able to get or put data from/into it.


Only the first query for the keys in the bucket succeeds with {}. Other
commands are experimental to describe the problem.


Could somebody help to resolve this?


Thanks in advance and kind regards


mac:bin zsoci$ ./riak-admin member-status

================================= Membership

Status     Ring    Pending    Node


valid      34.4%      --      'riak1 at'

valid      32.8%      --      'riak2 at'

valid      32.8%      --      'riak3 at'


Valid:3 / Leaving:0 / Exiting:0 / Joining:0 / Down:0

mac:bin zsoci$ ./riak-admin bucket-type list

strongly_consistent (active)

mac:bin zsoci$ curl -XGET

{}mac:bin zsoci$

mac:bin zsoci$ curl -XGET

request timed out

mac:bin zsoci$ curl -XGET

Unknown bucket type: strongly_consistentxmac:bin zsoci$

mac:bin zsoci$ curl -XPUT -H "Content-Type: text/plain" -d "haho"

request timed out

mac:bin zsoci$

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