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Brisa Anahi Jimenez Flores brisa.jimenez.f at gmail.com
Thu May 8 16:14:25 EDT 2014

Hi everybody!

I'm using riakc, branch 1.4 and riak-1.4.7.

I want to save buckets through riak-erlang-client.

If I save a bucket through HTTP API, I get search results (search-cmd and solr interface), but, If I save through riak-erlang-client, I don't have any results.

I tried to save the same bucket/key/value through HTTP API and riak-erlang-client, but the same thing happens.

Content-Type: application/json
{"name":"Alejandra","lastname":"Estrada", "age":25}

riakq:get_value(Pid, <<"events">>, <<"101">>).
<<"{\"name\":\"Alejandra\",\"lastname\":\"Estrada\", \"age\":25}">>



riakq:create(Pid, <<"events">>, <<"102">>, list_to_binary("{\"name\":\"Alejandra\",\"lastname\":\"Estrada\", \"age\":25}")).

riakq:get_value(Pid, <<"events">>, <<"102">>).
<<"{\"name\":\"Alejandra\",\"lastname\":\"Estrada\", \"age\":25}">>


Is there an extra step done by HTTP API, or Am I missing something?


Extra questions:
How many time we are talking about for the riak 2.0.0 release? Just curious! :)

Thank you very much!

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