Error starting riak server

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Fri May 9 05:47:29 EDT 2014


I am exploring Riak 1.4.8 and facing issue starting riak server.
Additional details are-
OS - Linux
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.1
(Santiago) 2.6.32-131.0.15.el6.x86_64

Erlang - First otp_src_R14B02 and then otp_src_R15B01

I followed all installations steps from

steps used for Erlang-

tar zxvf otp_src_R15B01.tar.gz
cd otp_src_R15B01
./configure && make && sudo make install

steps used for Riak-

tar zxvf riak-1.4.8.tar.gz
cd riak-1.4.8
make rel

After installation i am trying to start riak server but failing to do so.

/../riak-1.4.8/rel/riak/bin>riak start

Error Ouput - Node 'riak at' not responding to pings.

* ​I tried all the below workarounds suggested on the foroums but no luck.*
*​ *

* ​1- ​*ulimit -n
2- change the ip to machine ip in vm.args and app.config.
riak stop # stop the node
riak-admin down riak at # take it down
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/riak/ring/* # delete the riak ring
sudo sed -i "s/`hostname -i`/g" /etc/riak/vm.args # Change the
name in config
riak-admin cluster force-replace riak at riak@"`hostname -i`" #
replace the name

riak start # start the node

​3- restart server

*​I have attached all log files.*

*​Would appreciate your quick support on this.​ *

*Thanks & Regards,*
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