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we had a little outage of our 12 node riak cluster yesterday, the first 
so far, four nodes had gone down because of exhausted disk space.

What happened: our backup crashed, leaving one node down. Because of a 
misconfiguration in our monitoring, this node stayed down for 9 days. It 
was then started and recovered after about 7 hours of running.

But then the disk space usage on six of our nodes start to explode until 
the disks were full on four of them. This seems to have been caused by 
AAE. We have about 320GB of real user data stored in levelDB and 
yesterday night AAE consumed about 150GB on each of this nodes. Is this 
normal or what should I expect?

I deleted the "anti_entropy" on these six nodes and started the nodes 
again, running fine since then. AAE gets rebuild but at a lot of lower 
level so far. I would be happy if someone could shed a light on this, I 
didn't find anything helpful in the logs or the docs on docs.basho.com



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