Bash bench key/value generation strategies

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I'm interested in using Basho bench to do some performance testing of a Riak cluster we are proposing to use for an upcoming project.

I'm interested in best practice  when configuring the basho bench properties file, specifically the key and value generation strategies.

Is it best to get an estimate of the raw sizes of your keys and values and use one of the standard binary generators configured to create keys / values of approximately those sizes, or is it better to create custom generators to create actually representative keys / values?

e.g. if we are intending to store values as JSON objects between 1 - 10K is there any significant benefit to creating a generator to create sample JSON objects  vs. using, for example, an exponential_bin generator configured for 1 - 10K?

Also, the default behaviour is to place all keys during the test into a single bucket, obviously in practice we would be using many buckets, is there are significance with respect to performance testing to this difference?

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