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sorry to bother again, can anyone shed a light on this issue?



Am 12.05.2014 15:44, schrieb Ingo Rockel:
> Hi,
> we had a little outage of our 12 node riak cluster yesterday, the first
> so far, four nodes had gone down because of exhausted disk space.
> What happened: our backup crashed, leaving one node down. Because of a
> misconfiguration in our monitoring, this node stayed down for 9 days. It
> was then started and recovered after about 7 hours of running.
> But then the disk space usage on six of our nodes start to explode until
> the disks were full on four of them. This seems to have been caused by
> AAE. We have about 320GB of real user data stored in levelDB and
> yesterday night AAE consumed about 150GB on each of this nodes. Is this
> normal or what should I expect?
> I deleted the "anti_entropy" on these six nodes and started the nodes
> again, running fine since then. AAE gets rebuild but at a lot of lower
> level so far. I would be happy if someone could shed a light on this, I
> didn't find anything helpful in the logs or the docs on docs.basho.com
> Best,
>      Ingo

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