Consistent Riak (riak_ensemble) without Anti-entropy?

Sargun Dhillon sargun at
Wed May 28 06:24:27 EDT 2014

So, I noticed that if I don't have anti-entropy on, and I enable
strongly consistent Riak, it doesn't work. Specifically, what happens
is that riak_kv_ensembles sets up the ensembles, but the
riak_ensemble_peer never gets past to all_sync state. It appears that
this is because the riak_kv_ensemble_backend relies on anti-entropy to
perform an exchange before it comes up. See here, from

sync(Replies, State=#state{ensemble=_Ensemble, id=Id}) ->
    Peers0 = [{Idx, PeerId} || {PeerId={{kv,_PL,_N,Idx},_Node},_Reply}
<- Replies],
    Peers = orddict:from_list(Peers0),
    {{kv, PL, N, Idx}, _} = Id,
    IndexN = {PL,N},
    %% Sort to remove duplicates when changing ownership / forwarded response
    Siblings0 = lists:usort([I || {{{kv,_PL,_N,I},_Node},_Reply} <- Replies]),
    %% Just in case, remove self from list
    Siblings = Siblings0 -- [Idx],

    case local_partition(Idx) of
        true ->
            T0 = erlang:now(),
            Pid = self(),
            spawn_link(fun() ->
                               wait_for_sync(Idx, IndexN, Pid, T0,
Siblings, Peers)
            {async, State};
        false ->
            {ok, State}

wait_for_sync(Idx, IndexN, Pid, T0, Siblings, Peers) ->
    Exchanges = riak_kv_entropy_info:exchanges(Idx, IndexN),
    Recent = [OtherIdx || {OtherIdx, T1, _} <- Exchanges,
                          T1 > T0],
    lager:info("~p/~p: Exchanges: ~p~nT0: ~p~nRecent: ~p~nSibs: ~p",
                [Idx, IndexN, Exchanges, T0, Recent, Siblings]),
    Need = length(Siblings),
    Finished = length(Recent),
    Local = local_partition(Idx),
    Complete = ((Siblings -- Recent) =:= []),
    if not Local ->
            lager:info("Partition ownership changed. No need to sync."),
            riak_ensemble_backend:sync_complete(Pid, []);
       Complete ->
            lager:info("Complete ~b/~b :: ~p -> ~p~n", [Finished,
Need, Idx, Pid]),
            SyncPeers = [orddict:fetch(PeerIdx, Peers) || PeerIdx <- Siblings],
            riak_ensemble_backend:sync_complete(Pid, SyncPeers);
       true ->
            lager:info("Not yet ~b/~b :: ~p", [Finished, Need, Idx]),
            wait_for_sync(Idx, IndexN, Pid, T0, Siblings, Peers)

(I uncommented the debugging). If riak_kv_entropy_manager is not
enabled, then riak_kv_entropy_info:exchanges will always be empty. Can
we either (1) manually trigger AAE exchange upon noticing that strong
consistency is enabled (I imagine you can do this by setting the mode
to manual, and then queueing up the AAE jobs), (2) throw a warning to
the user saying that they should enable AAE.


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