Riak for low latency/high write volumes

Sargun Dhillon sargun at sargun.me
Wed Oct 1 03:15:10 EDT 2014

So, from my understanding, there are two types of data that you have.
Family 1:
-Constantly changing
-Representable by CRDTs
-Can handle eventual consistency

Family 2:
-Rarely changing
-Need immediate consistency, and linearizability

With both key families, you care about tail latency.

Questions I have:
1) What are your requirements in terms of data durability?
2) Do you have real hardware?
3) Do you the capability to use SSDs?
4) What's the size of your total keyspace? What about your working set?
5) Do you need atomic, multi-key updates?

On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 11:53 PM, snacktime <snacktime at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm going to be testing out Riak for use in an open source game server
> platform I created, and was looking for some tips on use and configuration.
> Read/write volumes as are normal for many games, is about 50/50.
> Consistent response times with low latency is a priority, as is not having
> eventually consistent get out of control like with what can happen with that
> 'other' nosql db (ya another horror story not worth going into here).
> The data being saved would be a combination of json and binary.  It's
> protocol buffers and I provide the option to serialize to json or native
> protobuf.
> Currently all keys are compound.  A scope followed by a delimiter followed
> by the actual key.
> Usage patterns basically break down into two groups.  One is data that can
> change up to several times a second.  Local caching is available, but
> updates to the database every few seconds would be required.
> The other class of data does not change that often, and in some cases
> requires atomic updates.  This would be in game trading, etc..
> Any tips people have on getting the most out of Riak for this type of
> environment would be appreciated.
> Chris
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