should solr facet.pivot works with yokozuna?

Alexander Popov mogadanez at
Wed Oct 1 05:18:41 EDT 2014

I provide it to query, see in response in params section:

<arr name="facet.pivot">

but facet output section have no pivot section

<lst name="facet_counts">
<lst name="facet_queries"/>
<lst name="facet_fields">
<lst name="id">
<int name="c210253f88f2402cbc20fe1c76b78e66">71</int>
<int name="6fd308db1d664625b537c33f3e02244e">14</int>
<int name="a980cab2df2b4356be175098ee986a56">1</int>
<int name="c7840ec19fe249458bd4f57a60068439">1</int>
<lst name="facet_dates"/>
<lst name="facet_ranges"/>
<!--facet_pivot should be here? -->

does anybody can confirm this functionality works?
probably it is disabled in SOLR?
Or need some schema setup  ?
according to
I just need indexed=true for all fields
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