Connecting to a single host vs balancing requests

Geoff Garbers geoff at
Tue Oct 7 05:09:27 EDT 2014

Hi all.

Apologies if I'm not using the mailing list correctly - this is the
first time I'm posting to a mailing list.

We're in the process of redeveloping our systems using Riak, and will
be using five nodes initially. Let's call these nodes riak1 through to
riak5. Our read/write/delete distribution is weighted more towards
reads than writes, with few deletes (if I have to hazard a guess, I
would say 60/35/5 read/write/deletes).

A technical decision has been made to ensure that all writes are sent
to riak1, and all reads are done from riak2 through riak5. The read
hosts are selected completely at random.

Apart from the obvious write availability concern, is there any
performance benefit or penalty to be had from writing to a specific
node, and reading from the rest? I haven't been able to perform a test
on this myself, so any input from the community would be appreciated
for the time being.

Thanks in advance,

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