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Luke is absolutely correct. We made the decision quite a while ago to move on from trying to support runtime versions earlier than 4.0 because we felt it was having an impact on the code. .NET 2.0 comes with its own headaches, and we felt that we should avoid them rather than letting things suffer unnecessarily.

Also, given that Riak was relatively new, and new to the .NET world when CI was first released obviously, we felt that it’d be more than likely that any .NET applications that were going to use Riak would themselves be new; Greenfields as it were. That being the case, anyone building such applications would most likely use the latest version of .NET themselves, which at the time of the decision was already 4.0.

You’re the first person in well over a year to request support for .NET 2! So as you can see, it’s not really that sought after, and hence I doubt you’ll see any support for .NET versions older than 4.0.


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On 10 October 2014 at 2:40:14 am, Luke Bakken (lbakken at wrote:

Hi Sheraz,  

The CorrugatedIron client uses .NET 4-specific features. This thread  
explains why Unity3D is "stuck" on .NET 2:  

At this point in time I would recommend your game server run in an  
application server (IIS or windows host) targeting the .NET 2  
framework, and have data access in a different process targeting .NET  

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On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 2:49 AM, Sheraz Ahmed <sheryy at> wrote:  
> Hi Folks,  
> I recently started using C# CorrugatedIron for Riak communication. I am try  
> to write server for a Unity3D game but Unity3D doesn't support (or compile)  
> any assembly built in .NET 4.0.  
> Kindly suggest some solution as CorrugatedIron is currently using .NET 4.0.  
> Regards,  
> Sheraz  
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