Riak Search Schema Question

Andrew Zeneski andrew at andrewzeneski.com
Sat Oct 25 22:53:06 EDT 2014

Hi All, I'm trying to determine if  a use case is supported by Yokozuna or

With a stored value that looks like:

{"id": 1, "stats": { "name": "stat1", "value": 1 }, {"name": "stat2",
"value": 5}}
{"id": 2, "stats": { "name": "stat3", "value": 2 }, {"name": "stat1",
"value": 3}}
{"id": 3, "stats": { "name": "stat2", "value": 3 }, {"name": "stat3",
"value": 1}}

I want to find those who have stat1 > 2. The result should be id 2.

I believe Solr 4.8 would handle this as a block-join, but I don't think
Yokozuna supports this feature. My first thought was a custom extractor;
are there other options I'm not seeing?


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