Riak CS Authorization Problems

Lukas Welte lukas.welte at aventris.com
Sun Oct 26 09:34:15 EDT 2014

Hey folks,

I wanted to play around with Riak CS to build up a own S3.
The Riak cluster is running perfectly (saving and retrieving data and so on) and also Riak CS seems to be up, cause I was able to create a user. 
I then setted this user in the config to be the admin user and configured s3cmd to use this user.
s3cmd ls and retrieving the admin user works fine but I am not able to create a new bucket. 

How is this possible and where should I start debugging?
I have no real idea where the problem could be as Riak is there and Riak CS is able to communicate to Riak.

Would love to hear some ideas what I can try.

Best regards,

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