Can't set long node name. Ubuntu 14.04

Ebbinge edwinpanadero at
Wed Oct 29 03:20:07 EDT 2014

Hi, I just finished setting up the riak installation on a Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit
Virtual Machine (VMWare Fusion for Mac OSX). After installing all the
dependencies, Erlang and all the things needed, the riak.conf file can be
found on /etc/riak. That file can be opened and edited using diakonos which
allows to edit as root the file from terminal. I changed the riak node name
from nodename = riak at to nodename = riak at which is my
static IP address. As well, I changed the IP for the HTTP internal listener,
HTTPs internal listener, and for the buffer protocol as well. When all is
saved, I proceed to go sudo on terminal, riak start... And then, it doesn't,
checking the riak console it says the following "Can't set long node name".
I don't know what else to do, I've tried everything, and as for this time is
the cleanest installation I have accomplished :(

PD: Installation was trough apt-get install riak, and riak 2.0.0 version was

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