Can't set long node name. Ubuntu 14.04

Ebbinge edwinpanadero at
Thu Oct 30 01:48:16 EDT 2014

I think it was the port think, It seems that after a while the port was "set
free" haha. Next time I riak start, the node is running on :D

Allright, I think the configuration steps I have them clear and ready to set

This is the thing, I am working on a college project, in which I need to set
a 3 nodes cluster of a NONSQL database, riak was one of the options because
I need to handle replication, and riak does it by itself. I want to set a 3
node cluster and then join them one by one, what is your recommendation on
this, speaking about the size of the ring, the n_val configuration and

Thanks in advance!

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