riak 2 - how much space is needed for online resizing?

Max Vernimmen m.vernimmen at comparegroup.eu
Tue Sep 2 08:21:01 EDT 2014


We have 5 riak nodes running riak-2.0.0pre20-1.el6.x86_64 with a ringsize of 64. We would like to do a ring resize because the distribution of content is very uneven (64/5 has a left over of 4 parts that all end up on the same node). The documentation says riak-2 can do this online (http://docs.basho.com/riak/2.0.0/ops/advanced/ring-resizing/) and warns 'Make sure that you have sufficient storage to complete the resize operation'.

Could anyone tell me how much is 'sufficient'?
And in addition, some of the nodes in the cluster have more free space available than other nodes (some are at 40% used disk, others at 60%). Is the location of the space important?

Thank you,

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