Logical Export/Cluster Migration

Mark Rechler mrechler at bitly.com
Tue Sep 2 13:07:36 EDT 2014

Hello All,

What would be the best tool for moving data from one riak cluster to another?

To give some context, we needed to change the ring_creation_size and
build out a new cluster.
Once the cluster was built I initially tried riak-data-migrator
(https://github.com/basho-labs/riak-data-migrator) but that caused the
load across the old cluster to skyrocket and the tool would time out
before it could actually receive any data.

I then attempted riak-admin backup/restore. The backup took ~ 2 days.
The restore seemed much slower going ~ 10 megabytes/hour. Needing to
fill 26gb/node this seemed impractical.

Are there any other recommended ways to migrate data? We're using
leveldb as the only back-end. Appreciate any help.


Mark Rechler
Infrastructure Engineer, Bitly

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