repair-2i stops with "bad argument in call to eleveldb:async_write"

Effenberg, Simon seffenberg at
Thu Sep 4 03:18:03 EDT 2014

Or could it be that the timeout is also used inside the automatic 2i
AAE? Now I try to repair all partitions.. but this will take some time
(2-4hours per partition with 256 partitions overall and probably only
3-4 partitions in parallel.. so ~10 days minimum).

But still the question, why was it not self healing?


On Wed, Sep 03, 2014 at 07:55:53PM +0000, Effenberg, Simon wrote:
>    The repair worked..
>    Total 2 items scanned: 12961170
>    Total tree objects: 9258332
>    Total objects fixed: 538423
>    So it seems that it had to fix a lot. But shouldn't this be impossible
>    with AAE enabled?
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