Single node, nval = 1

Dmitri Zagidulin dzagidulin at
Thu Sep 11 07:42:19 EDT 2014

If you're running a single-node Riak instance to start with (such as a
prototype web app), but there's the possibility of expanding the cluster
and adding other nodes, you should run with n_val=3.  (It's not recommended
to change the ring size in mid-stream).

If you're only running a single node, and don't plan on adding other nodes
ever, then yes, set the n_val=1.
Tom is right, though, a single node Riak instance does remove any fault
tolerance and high availability advantages that Riak gives.
(Oh, the other value to change, if you -know- you're going to be running 1
node only, is go with a smaller ring size. I'd go with 8 or 16, depending
on how beefy your server is).

On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 12:27 PM, Henning Verbeek <hankipanky at>

> I'd like to run Riak in a single-node installation as a datastore for
> my application, when running in small single-available environments.
> Is there anything that speaks against doing so? I'm thinking that in
> such a setup, nVal should be set to 1 - everything else makes no
> sense, right? Would you also set the ring-size to 1?
> Thanks for your views and comments,
> Henning
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