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Ryan Zezeski ryan at zinascii.com
Thu Sep 18 10:47:23 EDT 2014

On Sep 18, 2014, at 10:35 AM, anandm <anand at zerebral.co.in> wrote:

> Yes Ryan - that aspect is pretty clear. So with 1-1 riak-solr Yokozuna
> deployment scale to my requirement? Am I missing something here when
> thinking it wouldn't?

I haven’t followed this thread closely, it was just your last
email that caught my eye.  The only way you'll know if it scales
is if you try.  The one thing I might worry about is the heap
usage.  I'm not sure if Yokozuna will allow it but you might try
tweaking the the schema so that the `_yz_*` fields use on-disk
DocValues.  IIRC, this was a change I was thinking of making to
reduce the heap pressure (at the potential cost of extra I/O?
Honestly it's been months since I've thought hard about this

There is one person that I know of who has pushed Yokozuna a fair
bit and that is Wes Brown.  Perhaps you can track him down and
get some hard-won answers:


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