Memory Usage keeps increasing

riakuser01 jethrorevill at
Thu Sep 25 04:54:19 EDT 2014

I have the following properties set in my buckets:

   props: {
      allow_mult: false,
      basic_quorum: false,
      big_vclock: 1,
      chash_keyfun: {
          mod: "riak_core_util",
          fun: "chash_std_keyfun"
     dw: "quorum",
     last_write_wins: true,
     linkfun: {
         mod: "riak_kv_wm_link_walker",
         fun: "mapreduce_linkfun"
     n_val: 3,
     name: "myBucket",
     notfound_ok: true,
     old_vclock: 1,
     postcommit: [ ],
     pr: 0,
     precommit: [ ],
     pw: 0,
     r: "quorum",
     repl: true,
     rw: "quorum",
     small_vclock: 1,
     w: "quorum",
     young_vclock: 1

If my understanding is correct, setting  last_write_wins: true, and
allow_mult: false (as well as setting all the vclock pruning values to 1)
should effectively disable sibling creation?

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