[ANN] It's been a long road, but the new Java Client for Riak 2.0 is here.

Brian Roach roach at basho.com
Thu Sep 25 23:46:22 EDT 2014

As of now, the new Java client for Riak v2.0 is available via Maven Central.

To use in your project:


Javadocs are published to: http://basho.github.io/riak-java-client/2.0.0/

To get started see:

First Q: Why did you write a whole new client with a completely different API?!?

A: It was time.

The new client design addresses a number of issues customers and OSS
users have posed over the last two years.

First and foremost ... It's built from the ground up to be
asynchronous. We're now using Netty in the core of the client. You can
now use our client both synchronously or asynchronously.

In addition, it's now designed to talk to a Riak cluster, with built
in (pluggable) load balancing, node management, etc. These are
features users have been asking for, which were near impossible to
insert into the old client.

Beyond that, our long term maintenance costs are reduced, so we can
now provide what we feel is a first rate client going forward.

Thank you,
- Brian Roach

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