Jon Brisbin jon at jbrisbin.com
Mon Sep 29 12:18:53 EDT 2014

I’m trying to use the riak-erlang-client from master to talk to Riak 2.0 and I’m getting an error when I use the test commands found in the README:

(rabbit at localhost)1> {ok, Pid} = riakc_pb_socket:start_link("", 8087).
(rabbit at localhost)2> riakc_pb_socket:ping(Pid).
** exception exit: undef
     in function  riak_pb_messages:msg_code/1
        called as riak_pb_messages:msg_code(rpbpingreq)
     in call from riak_pb_codec:encode/1 (src/riak_pb_codec.erl, line 73)
     in call from riakc_pb_socket:encode_request_message/1 (src/riakc_pb_socket.erl, line 2094)
     in call from riakc_pb_socket:send_request/2 (src/riakc_pb_socket.erl, line 2077)
     in call from riakc_pb_socket:handle_call/3 (src/riakc_pb_socket.erl, line 1258)
     in call from gen_server:handle_msg/5 (gen_server.erl, line 585)
     in call from proc_lib:init_p_do_apply/3 (proc_lib.erl, line 239)

Do I have something wrong here? I have installed the riak-erlang-client .ez file as a RabbitMQ plugin via dependency from my riak-exchange plugin, which I’m trying to get updated to 2.0.

Any thoughts?


Jon Brisbin
@JonBrisbin | @mformonochrome

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