[Announcement] Official Riak Node.js client released.

Jose G. Quenum jose.quenum at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 2 07:47:52 EDT 2015

Dear Brian,
Thank you very much for sharing this link. I have been looking for a riak client for node.js that is compatible with riak 2.0.
However, having glanced at it I noticed that there was no method to access the meta information. This is good for link manipulation, for example. As well in order to update an object the meta information could be useful. As a disclaimer here, I should mention that I have been using riak-js to access riak 1.4. Now I'd like to transition to riak 2.0 and I am looking for the right tools. 

Overall, where can one find more documentation and more concrete examples about how to manipulate riak with this client. 
Thanks & regards,

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> On Apr 2, 2015, at 2:36 AM, Brian Roach <roach at basho.com> wrote:
> Greetings Riak Users!
> Today we released the official Node.js client for Riak.
> It's available via npm:
> https://www.npmjs.com/package/basho-riak-client
> The github repo can be found here:
> https://github.com/basho/riak-nodejs-client
> API docs are published here:
> http://basho.github.io/riak-nodejs-client/classes/Client.html
> Thanks!
> - Brian Roach
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