Riak, firewalls and inter-node communication.

Jason Greathouse jason.greathouse at leankit.com
Thu Apr 9 18:16:32 EDT 2015

I'm working in an environment where the servers don't have access to each
other by default, so we have to setup network ACLs.  For most of the ports
this is pretty straight forward, but I can't find a good explanation on the
inter-Erlang communication ports.

I've read through this document:

I see that its possible to limit the port range to a specific range though
the riak.conf
erlang.distribution.port_range.minimum = 6000
erlang.distribution.port_range.maximum = 7999

What I'm looking for is "What is the trade off of limiting the port range?"
Is 2000 ports enough? Can I limit it to 5 (one per cluster node)? How about
just one port?


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