Dead connections with load balancer

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Fri Apr 10 10:11:58 EDT 2015

Hi Vitaliy,

This ticket is apparently about the same issue:


On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 8:50 PM, Vitaliy E <13vitamins at> wrote:
> Dear group,
> Our application connects to a Riak cluster via a load balancer (Radware Alteon), and we encounter problems whenever a Riak connection stays inactive for a while. What we think happens is that the load balancer removes its session that corresponds to the connection without closing the connection itself. Later on it tries to re-establish the connection with the same source port, but the Riak server seems to ignore the request, probably because it didn't close the old connection on its side.
> 1. Does it make sense?
> 2. Does anyone have experience using Riak with a load balancer?
> 3. Are there configuration parameters to enable closing idle connections on the server side?
> Thanks,
> Vitaly
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