Node.js client addIndex() and map/reduce questions (Was: Object metadata via NodeJS client)

Luke Bakken lbakken at
Fri Apr 17 13:15:10 EDT 2015

> 1 - when I have several indices to add to an object can I just chain them to the riakObject, ie, call successive addIndex methods to a riakObject?

Source code is available as part of the API docs. Note that "this" is
returned, which allows chaining:

> 2 - when I am doing a map-reduce,
>       a - can I use key filters? What's the syntax?
>       b - how can I use map reduce to walk links? In riak-js I used to specify the links in the inputs. What is the syntax with this client?

I am not an expert with map/reduce, but did find the following documents: (Note
deprecation notice)

Luke Bakken
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