scaling up vertically upgrading HD

Alex De la rosa at
Thu Apr 23 10:17:31 EDT 2015

Hi there,

I have the following question about scaling up vertically upgrading HDs to
get more space. I have the understanding that if HDs are of different sizes
on ring creation, they get the smallest size of them all and make all nodes
even, for example:

Node 1: 500GB
Node 2: 500GB
Node 3: 750GB
Node 4: 500GB
Node 5: 750GB

In this case riak would make a parity of 500GB per node... so... how could
we scale up the HDs? Imagine I want to turn them into the following:

Node 1: 1TB
Node 2: 1TB
Node 3: 1TB
Node 4: 1TB
Node 5: 1TB

How can you rebalance the cluster in the way their partitions grow to fit
this new setup? (using Riak 2.1)

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