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Amit Anand aanand at
Thu Apr 23 11:42:31 EDT 2015

Hi all Im very new to Riak CS so please bear with me! Finally managed to
get Riak, Riak CS and Stanchion all running and now Im trying to add the
admin user. When I run my curl command I get nothing back and in the logs I
see this error:

2015-04-23 11:37:18.024 [error] <0.94.0> No WM route: 'POST' /riak-cs/user

I have set anonymous user to on in the riak-cs.conf AS WELL as to true in
the advanced.config. I tried with just in .conf and that didnt work either.
Would anybody have any ideas on how to get this work I would really
appreciate it. Thanks and sorry if Im asking a basic question I just cant
figure it out.

Im running CentOS 7 and:

[root at riakcs riak-cs]# riak version
[root at riakcs riak-cs]# riak-cs version
[root at riakcs riak-cs]# stanchion version
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