Reindexing solr after backup restore

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Hey Jason,

Here’s a little more discussion on Yokozuna backup strategies: <>.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t say the behavior’s expected, but we’re going to be adding more to the docs on how to rebuild indexes.

To do so, you could just remove the yz_anti_entropy directory, and make AAE more aggressive, via

rpc:multicall([node() | nodes()], application, set_env, [yokozuna, anti_entropy_build_limit, {100, 1000}]).
rpc:multicall([node() | nodes()], application, set_env, [yokozuna, anti_entropy_concurrency, 4])

and the indexes will rebuild. You can try to initialize the building of trees with `yz_entropy_mgr:init([])` via `riak attach`, but a restart would also kick AAE into gear. There’s a bit more related info on this thread: <>.


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> On Apr 24, 2015, at 1:34 AM, Jason Campbell <xiaclo at> wrote:
> I think I figured it out.
> I followed this guide:
> The first Riak node (changed with riak-admin reip) kept it's Solr index.  However, the other nodes when joined via riak-admin cluster force-replace, dropped their Solr indexes.
> Is this expected?  If so, it should really be in the docs, and there should be another way to restore a cluster keeping Solr intact.
> Also, is there a way to rebuild a Solr index?
> Thanks,
> Jason
>> On 24 Apr 2015, at 15:16, Jason Campbell <xiaclo at> wrote:
>> I've just done a backup and restore of our production Riak cluster, and Yokozuna has dropped from around 125 million records to 25million.  Obviously the IPs have changed, and although the Riak cluster is stable, I'm not sure Solr handled the transition as nicely.
>> Is there a way to force Solr to rebuild the indexes, or at least get back to the state it was in before the backup?
>> Also, is this expected behaviour?
>> Thanks,
>> Jason
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