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Both AWS engineers and Basho people, will most likely ask for throughput etc before recommending solutions.

That being said, there’s a few things to consider. For example, most AWS engineers will suggest you use all the availability zones when deploying a distributed storage solution like Riak. That gives you enough resilience for a broad range of scenarios and failures. You won’t get the 10 Gbps network you’d get with a placement group. But on the other hand a placement group means running everything in a single availability zone => less resilience.

Again, it depends a lot on the use case. We don’t do financial transactions, and we have moderate IO, so we went with m4 instances in 3 availability zones. I believe I would still favour this setup even for considerably higher IO.  
Mainly because we have literally just one bucket that is required to be strongly consistent, everything else (99%) is still something we manage using conflict resolution, etc.  
So that’s another aspect to consider - if you have a lot of strong consistency usecases then probably a placement group would help when you have a high volume of writes.


On Tuesday, 8 December 2015 at 09:20, Alexander Popov wrote:

> What to choose C4 or M4 ?
> M4 benefits:
> * twice more memory
> C4 benefits:
> * can be launched in one placement group, that potential can improve nodes communications performance
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