Leveldb segfault during Riak startup

Antti Kuusela antti.kuusela at firstbeat.fi
Fri Dec 18 09:14:00 EST 2015


I have been testing Riak and Riak CS as a possible solution for our 
future storage needs. I have a five server cluster running Centos 7. 
Riak version is 2.1.3 (first installed as 2.1.1, updated twice via Basho 
repo) and Riak CS version is 2.1.0. The servers each have 64GB RAM and 
six 4TB disks in raid 6 using btrfs.

I have been pushing random data into Riak-CS via s3cmd to see how the 
system behaves. Smallest objects have been 2000 bytes, largest 100MB. I 
have also been making btrfs snapshots of the entire platform data dir 
nightly for backup purposes. Stop Riak CS, wait 10 seconds, stop Riak, 
wait 10, make snapshot, start Riak, wait 180 seconds, start Riak CS. 
This is performed on each of the servers in turn with a five minute wait 
in between. I have added the waits to try spread the startup load and 
allow the system time to get things running. New data is constantly 
pushed to the S3 API but restarting the nodes in rotation causes by far 
the highest stress on the system.

I have encountered one problem in particular. Quite often one of the 
Riak nodes starts up but after a couple of minutes it just drops, all 
processes exited except for epmd.

Following is from /var/log/riak/console, most of the lines skipped for 
sake of brevity. Normal startup stuff, as far as I can see:

2015-12-16 00:26:04.446 [info] <0.7.0> Application lager started on node 
'riak at'
2015-12-16 00:26:04.490 [info] <0.72.0> alarm_handler: 
2015-12-16 00:26:04.781 [info] 
<0.206.0>@riak_core_capability:process_capability_changes:555 New 
capability: {riak_core,vnode_routing} = proxy
2015-12-16 00:26:04.869 [info] <0.7.0> Application riak_core started on 
node 'riak at'
2015-12-16 00:26:04.969 [info] <0.407.0>@riak_kv_env:doc_env:46 
Environment and OS variables:
2015-12-16 00:26:05.124 [warning] <0.6.0> lager_error_logger_h dropped 9 
messages in the last second that exceeded the limit of 100 messages/sec
2015-12-16 00:26:05.124 [info] <0.407.0> riak_kv_env: Open file limit: 65536
2015-12-16 00:26:05.124 [warning] <0.407.0> riak_kv_env: Cores are 
disabled, this may hinder debugging
2015-12-16 00:26:05.124 [info] <0.407.0> riak_kv_env: Erlang process 
limit: 262144
2015-12-16 00:26:05.125 [info] <0.407.0> riak_kv_env: Erlang ports 
limit: 65536
2015-12-16 00:26:05.125 [info] <0.407.0> riak_kv_env: ETS table count 
limit: 256000
2015-12-16 00:26:05.125 [info] <0.407.0> riak_kv_env: Thread pool size: 64
2015-12-16 00:26:05.125 [info] <0.407.0> riak_kv_env: Generations before 
full sweep: 0
2015-12-16 00:26:05.125 [info] <0.407.0> riak_kv_env: Schedulers: 12 for 
12 cores
2015-12-16 00:26:05.125 [info] <0.407.0> riak_kv_env: sysctl 
vm.swappiness is 0 greater than or equal to 0)
2015-12-16 00:26:05.125 [info] <0.407.0> riak_kv_env: sysctl 
net.core.wmem_default is 8388608 lesser than or equal to 8388608)
2015-12-16 00:26:05.139 [info] <0.478.0>@riak_core:wait_for_service:504 
Waiting for service riak_kv to start (0 seconds)
2015-12-16 00:26:05.158 [info] 
<0.495.0>@riak_kv_entropy_manager:set_aae_throttle_limits:790 Setting 
AAE throttle limits: 
2015-12-16 00:26:30.160 [info] 
Changing AAE throttle from undefined -> 5000 msec/key, based on maximum 
vnode mailbox size 
{unknown_mailbox_sizes,node_list,['riak at']} from 
['riak at']
2015-12-16 00:27:12.053 [info] <0.478.0>@riak_core:wait_for_service:504 
Waiting for service riak_kv to start (60 seconds)
2015-12-16 00:28:25.057 [info] <0.478.0>@riak_core:wait_for_service:504 
Waiting for service riak_kv to start (120 seconds)

And then nothing

 From /var/log/messages:

Dec 16 00:26:02 storage2 su: (to riak) root on none
Dec 16 00:26:04 storage2 riak[48174]: Starting up
Dec 16 00:28:59 storage2 kernel: traps: beam.smp[48492] general 
protection ip:7fcaf9402f16 sp:7fca6affcdd0 error:0 in 
Dec 16 00:28:59 storage2 run_erl[48172]: Erlang closed the connection.

On another node at a different time /var/log/riak/console.log had 
similar messages, and also some warnings about invalid hint files, such as:

2015-12-13 00:15:41.232 [warning] <0.815.0> Hintfile 

In this latter example riak was started with "systemctl start riak" 
rather than "riak start". From /var/log/messages:

Dec 13 00:15:29 storage1 riak: Starting riak: [  OK  ]
Dec 13 00:15:29 storage1 systemd: Started SYSV: Riak is a distributed 
data store.
Dec 13 00:15:56 storage1 kernel: beam.smp[131820]: segfault at 160 ip 
00007f24c0902ce6 sp 00007f24337fddd0 error 4 in 
Dec 13 00:15:56 storage1 run_erl[131501]: Erlang closed the connection.

Of reported Riak bugs, this is similar to 
https://github.com/basho/riak/issues/790 . However, the poster of that 
issue reported that his problem was fixed by repairing leveldb 
partitions. I looked at this following 
http://docs.basho.com/riak/latest/ops/running/recovery/repairing-leveldb/ but 
didn't find any errors.

Incidentally, I started having problems with btrfs as well. On one node 
btrfs caused a kernel crash and on another kernel killed beam.smp 
process after it stopped responding for over 120 seconds while syncing 
to btrfs. The kernel in Centos 7 probably isn't best suited for working 
with btrfs. Advertised version is 3.10.0.

So, my question is what is your take on this? Is this a bug in the 
leveldb library? The same one already reported? What log data would help 
debug or reproduce it? Or is there potentially some problem with my 
setup? Or could this be caused by a bug in btrfs? What is your take on 
using Riak with btrfs?

Antti Kuusela, M.Sc
Senior Software Developer
Firstbeat Technologies Ltd.

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