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It would seem the order of recreation may be different to that of the original ingest. Isn't sorting best performed on the application server side  in order to reduce demands on cluster RAM anyway? When you migrated to the new cluster did you make any change to the storage configuration ?

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Solr (2.x), 
> On Dec 21, 2015, at 7:08 PM, Bryan Hunt <admin at binarytemple.co.uk> wrote:
> In the context of Solr (2.x), legacy (1.4), or secondary indexes (2i) (1.x+)? 
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> Hello, 
> Recently we migrated our Riak nodes to another network, so we backup the data and then regenerate the ring, all is well, but there is a strange behaviour in a riak search, for example if we execute a query using the riak_erlang_client, returns the objects in the order:
> A, B, C
> And then if we execute again the same query the result is:
> B, A, C, 
> So, in other order, do you know what is causing this?, before to change our riak ring to another network, it was working perfectly.
> Thank you
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