Recap for December 22

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Here is a summary of what's come over our user list since the last recap.

## Recently Answered
* Jon offered suggestions on what could be causing an issue with Riak
pre-commit hooks [1]
* Damien answered a question on Solr integration explaining that *all* Solr
API is available through riak search.  Note: This thread was previously
named, “LucidWorks Banana Integration [2]
* Damien and Dmitri gave detailed answers to “two quick questions about
X-RIak-Meta-* headers” [3]
* Cosmin offered guidance on choosing AWS instance types [4]
* Steve answered a question about Riak python client and Solr [5]
* Luke pointed Toby to how to make the Riak java client work when called
from Scala. [6] Toby documented the solution here [7]
* Luke answered a question about using Riak with btrfs[ 8]
* Zeeshan answered a question on Riak Search sort ordering [9]
* Kinson documented a workaround for installing Riak 2.1 on Free BSD 10 [10]

##Open Discussions
* There’s a question about how to avoid truncating a list of merged files
in riak console.log [11]
* There’s a question about querying the cluster overall to ask a health
question. This is a follow-up question on this thread about best practices
for running a cluster health check using riak-java-client [12]

## Holiday Reads
* Our friends at bet365 run over half a million transactions per second and
serve more than 2.5 million concurrent user at peak. This InfoQ article
goes into technical detail about their transition to NoSQL. [13]

Happy Holidays
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