Riak PHP Client v3 and official Protocol Buffers support v1

Christopher Mancini cmancini at basho.com
Wed Dec 30 18:26:57 EST 2015

This week we released a significant update to the PHP client to support API
bridge classes other than the Http class that ships with the client
library. This work was released as version 3 due to a few minor interface
changes that break backwards compatibility. Those breaking changes are:

   - Basho\Riak\Command\Object\Response::getVclock() has been moved to
   - Basho\Riak\Command\Object\Response::getStatusCode() has been
   renamed Basho\Riak\Command\Object\Response::getCode()
   - Basho\Riak\Command\Object\Response::getBody() has been removed

We also released official support for Protocol Buffers using PHP. This
support is delivered via an independent package that has the core library
above included as a dependency. This allows us to keep the same programming
interface while keeping the dependencies needed for PB separate from those
needed by HTTP.

Both releases can be retrieved from packagist.com @



Christopher Mancini

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