[riak-user]Cannot startup riak node correctly after successful installation

Alexander Sicular siculars at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 04:56:00 EST 2015

I would probably take a look at the ulimit docs: http://docs.basho.com/riak/latest/ops/tuning/open-files-limit/ . This becomes more acute the more nodes you run on the same os. 



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> On Feb 5, 2015, at 01:35, YouBarco <barcojie at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> My OS is ubuntu 14.04 64bit, and installed erlang from source with version R16B as following:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ubuntu at riak1:~/riak-2.0.4/dev$ erl
> Erlang R16B (erts-5.10.1) [source] [64-bit] [smp:4:4] [async-threads:10] [kernel-poll:false] [dtrace]
> Eshell V5.10.1  (abort with ^G)
> 1> 
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I downloaded riak-2.0.4 source and compile it successfully, then do following:
> >make devrel DEVNODES=2
> >cd dev
> >dev1/bin/riak start
> !!!!
> !!!! WARNING: ulimit -n is 1024; 65536 is the recommended minimum.
> !!!!
> riak failed to start within 15 seconds,
> see the output of 'riak console' for more information.
> If you want to wait longer, set the environment variable
> WAIT_FOR_ERLANG to the number of seconds to wait.
> ubuntu at riak1:~/riak-2.0.4/dev$ dev1/bin/riak console
> config is OK
> -config /home/ubuntu/riak-2.0.4/dev/dev1/data/generated.configs/app.2015. -args_file /home/ubuntu/riak-2.0.4/dev/dev1/data/generated.configs/vm.2015. -vm_args /home/ubuntu/riak-2.0.4/dev/dev1/data/generated.configs/vm.2015.
> !!!!
> !!!! WARNING: ulimit -n is 1024; 65536 is the recommended minimum.
> !!!!
> Exec:  /home/ubuntu/riak-2.0.4/dev/dev1/bin/../erts-5.10.1/bin/erlexec -boot /home/ubuntu/riak-2.0.4/dev/dev1/bin/../releases/2.0.4/riak               -config /home/ubuntu/riak-2.0.4/dev/dev1/data/generated.configs/app.2015. -args_file /home/ubuntu/riak-2.0.4/dev/dev1/data/generated.configs/vm.2015. -vm_args /home/ubuntu/riak-2.0.4/dev/dev1/data/generated.configs/vm.2015.              -pa /home/ubuntu/riak-2.0.4/dev/dev1/bin/../lib/basho-patches -- console
> Root: /home/ubuntu/riak-2.0.4/dev/dev1/bin/..
> bad scheduling option -sfwi
> Usage: beam.smp [flags] [ -- [init_args] ]
> The flags are:
> -a size     suggested stack size in kilo words for threads
>             in the async-thread pool, valid range is [16-8192]
> -A number   set number of threads in async thread pool,
>             valid range is [0-1024]
> -B[c|d|i]   c to have Ctrl-c interrupt the Erlang shell,
>             d (or no extra option) to disable the break
>             handler, i to ignore break signals
> -c          disable continuous date/time correction with
>             respect to uptime
> -d          don't write a crash dump for internally detected errors
>             (halt(String) will still produce a crash dump)
> -fn[u|a|l]  Control how filenames are interpreted
> -hms size   set minimum heap size in words (default 233)
> -hmbs size  set minimum binary virtual heap size in words (default 32768)
> -K boolean  enable or disable kernel poll
> -n[s|a|d]   Control behavior of signals to ports
>             Note that this flag is deprecated!
> -M<X> <Y>   memory allocator switches,
>             see the erts_alloc(3) documentation for more info.
> -pc <set>   Control what characters are considered printable (default latin1)
> -P number   set maximum number of processes on this node,
>             valid range is [1024-134217727]
> -Q number   set maximum number of ports on this node,
>             valid range is [1024-134217727]
> -R number   set compatibility release number,
>             valid range [14-16]
> -r          force ets memory block to be moved on realloc
> -rg amount  set reader groups limit
> -sbt type   set scheduler bind type, valid types are:
> -stbt type  u|ns|ts|ps|s|nnts|nnps|tnnps|db
> -sbwt val   set scheduler busy wait threshold, valid values are:
>             none|very_short|short|medium|long|very_long.
> -scl bool   enable/disable compaction of scheduler load,
>             see the erl(1) documentation for more info.
> -sct cput   set cpu topology,
>             see the erl(1) documentation for more info.
> -sws val    set scheduler wakeup strategy, valid values are:
>             default|legacy.
> -swt val    set scheduler wakeup threshold, valid values are:
>             very_low|low|medium|high|very_high.
> -sss size   suggested stack size in kilo words for scheduler threads,
>             valid range is [4-8192]
> -spp Bool   set port parallelism scheduling hint
> -S n1:n2    set number of schedulers (n1), and number of
>             schedulers online (n2), valid range for both
>             numbers are [1-1024]
> -t size     set the maximum number of atoms the emulator can handle
>             valid range is [8192-0]
> -T number   set modified timing level,
>             valid range is [0-9]
> -V          print Erlang version
> -v          turn on chatty mode (GCs will be reported etc)
> -W<i|w>     set error logger warnings mapping,
>             see error_logger documentation for details
> -zdbbl size set the distribution buffer busy limit in kilobytes
>             valid range is [1-2097151]
> Note that if the emulator is started with erlexec (typically
> from the erl script), these flags should be specified with +.
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