[riak-user]Cannot startup riak node correctly after successful installation

Ryan Zezeski ryan at zinascii.com
Thu Feb 5 07:41:48 EST 2015

YouBarco writes:

> Hello,
> My OS is ubuntu 14.04 64bit, and installed erlang from source with version R16B as following:

That's your problem. You MUST use the custom Basho branch of Erlang/OTP
with Riak. If you insist on building Erlang/Riak from source then follow
this guide for Erlang:


> bad scheduling option -sfwi

This flag was added by Basho to the 16B series. IIRC, vanilla 16B02
includes this flag but you still should use Basho's custom branch since
it has other fixes required by Riak.


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